Well, if not, this was the episode where Jackie and the gang were shooting her newly released workout video.

The lady in charge of putting it all together — I guess she’s the director? — is the same lady the Girls Next Door used for their workout video.

The repeat of the GND episode is on right now and I immediately recognized the chick from this week’s Workout episode. Is she like the only person who helps reality tv show “stars” create their own DVDs? I wonder if she worked on Kim K.’s too?

I watched the preview of this workout on Collage Video (awesome, awesome website, by the way!) and I almost want to buy it. But I’m not going to. I may end up renting and making myself a copy 😉

Back to Collage Video, reading some of the user comments make me chuckle. Especially the ones questioning the credibility of Jackie’s trainers who are featured in the video. Yes, it’s absolutely ridiculous that all of their hair is down and they’re fully made up, but they’re real trainers people; and they’re good ones! They just want them to look good and similar to how they appear on the show. After watching the excruciating process of filming, I have even more respect for them. My arms hurt after watch poor Rebecca!