So, I thought I was all settled with GroceryIQ on my iPhone. I used it a couple of weeks ago and it was an enjoyable experience! While, there are a couple of features I’m DYING to have, I thought I’d found my Holy Grail shopping app.

But that was before I found Groceries by Sophiestication. Sophie, the creator, used to be part of the Tap Tap Tap company that brought us the super-popular and successful Tipulator, a tip calculator app. So you know she knows her stuff!

Before I bought GroceryIQ, I had read about Sophie’s upcoming app, on other App blogs. It seems it was promised to be coming a long time ago, so I thought it’d be a while before she launched. WRONG!

Groceries hit the App store a couple of days ago and upon reading her description, I was intrigued enough to try it out! The UI is breathtaking and well thought out, and Groceries allows you to have multiple lists. That is the one thing I wanted GroceryIQ to provide, but isn’t there yet. They’ve been saying that “it’s coming soon!” for a long time, so I started to look elsewhere.

While Groceries outdid GroceryIQ on that issue, GroceryIQ holds the upperhand with the ability to edit and rearrange aisles to match your store’s layout. I was really looking for that to be adopted on Sophie’s app, but it’s not there. But it could be! Now that she’s launched and says there is “much more to come”, I have more faith that we’ll get regular updates on this app. I wish I could say the same about GroceryIQ, but I can’t. Ever since they were bought by, there’s been little-to-no improvement. In other words, the natives are getting restless!

If Sophie adds the aisle reorganization to her app, then I will promptly delete GroceryIQ. It’s as simple as that. But it seems like this feature might be a little difficult if you have multiple lists. In a perfect world, you’d have a different set of aisles for each store (list), and each of them would be able to be edited and rearranged, independently of one another. I’m not a developer, but that even sounds like a tall task to me!

Unlike others, I don’t really care about Coupons being integrated into the app. I am an avid coupon clipper, and I know what items have a coupon or discount ahead of time. That feature isn’t a deal breaker.

So it’s a race to the finish and whomever implements the multiple lists with editable aisles features first, wins!