'Time to get extreme, baby!'

'Time to get extreme, baby!'

Yesterday, I finished my 6th week of ChaLEAN Extreme. And with this milestone, I am at the halfway point of the program! It’s flown by so far, and that’s a good thing. We all know that when you try something new, if it isn’t interesting, it seems to last forever. That’s not the case with CE, in my experience.

I am genuinely enjoying the ride so far. And while there are still days where I don’t feel like doing the workout (everyone has those), I still get up off my rear and do it. Chalene always mentions that even if you don’t feel like it, the way you feel afterwards will motivate you in the future. It’s true. It’s a great feeling to finish a workout when you’re so not in the mood! I still haven’t missed a workout since I started doing ChaLEAN Extreme.

I’m not seeing the drastic results that I was last month, but it’s not because I feel my body has plateaued. It’s because my frame is already so lean that it will always take a while for me to see big results. I think last month was basically shedding a small later of fat and replacing it with muscle. Now I’m just getting strong and starting to tone, albeit slowly.

I will say this much: by the time I finish ChaLEAN Extreme, my arms will be absolutely ripped! It’s going to be ridiculous! I do see improvements there with each passing week. I see them even when my arms are just resting at my sides. No flexing needed. That’s very encouraging!

The body part I’m starting to see changes in right now are my legs. My thighs are really starting to shape up; especially the inner thighs. I’m not 100% sure, but I think I’ve lost an inch off my hips. I never really know the right way to measure that part of my body with the tape measure. But according to one of the old measurements I took, it looks like I may have shrunk a little there. I don’t really care either way, but it’s cool if that did happen! My hamstrings (back of thigh) are also pretty firm these days. Getting tight all over!

We all know your abs really consist of upper, lower, and obliques. Right now, I continue to see a little change in my upper and obliques. As I mentioned before, any fat I carry, is over my lower abs. So that’s the spot where I’m not really expecting to see much right now. Maybe by the end of the program, or even later! I’m not really stressing right now, although I’m not going to lie. I want that high school 6-pack I had back!

My friends laugh at me now when I try to point to “fat” on my stomach. They laugh and are all “there’s no fat there, Suz!” I realize that my definition of fat and others’ are very, very, very different. 95% of the female population would say that I already have a flat stomach, but we women are overly critical of our own bodies. I’m not mad at my stomach. It looks fine. I just want to see if I can get the washboard abs I once had back. I love a challenge!

The one thing I have started to see is what my friends and I call the “sex line”. You know that cut you get really low on your hips? Singer Pink is pretty much known for hers. Are those just lower obliques? I’m not sure, but they are super sexy. I’m starting to see lines there and I was like “Wow! where did that come from?!” But no complaints!

I really do feel stronger now! With each week, the reps get a little more doable, and I now feel ready to add 25 lb dumbbells to my collection. I’m going to take a look at my budget and see if I can get them before I do the Push Circuit 3 Friday, because that’s the workout I go heaviest on. We’ll see!

My plan to eat more during the day is going well too. Slowly, but surely, I am getting better. I’ve been having a lot Cream of Wheat lately. It’s so yummy! Better than eating a lot of ice cream, huh? I think my body is still adjusting to the change. That’s a pretty significant change for me after a few years of my previous eating habits. So after the bod gets used to it (a few more weeks), I may see more changes. I’m just glad I’m starting to become more healthy!

So, everything is still going according to plan. I’m pleased with my progress and encouraged by my results so far. My goal is not to lose weight, but to tone and get stronger. So far, so good!

One thing I think I’m going to add in this week, is a cardio workout on Tuesday. On the rotation calendar, that’s known as a “rest day”, but I think I’m going to start doing something there, even if it’s only the 20-minute Turbo Jam workout. Eventually I’m going to run on that day, but I don’t think I’m ready for running yet. I need warmer weather. Next month for sure, though!