I finished this last night, but an unstable internet situation prevented me from updating properly.

I finished my Week 2 Podcast for the Couch to 5k Running Program last night. The process was much smoother than my Week 1 experiment! The hardest part is picking out the music!

So this time around, I stuck with the Hip Hop theme and used songs like Kanye West’s “Gold Digger”, DMX’s “Party Up”, Black Eyed Peas’ “Let’s Get Retarded”, and Ludacris’ “Stand Up”.

Check it all out and download it on my special Couch to 5K Podcast page.

I’m probably going to do my run today after dinner. I usually go before, but it’s 90+ degrees — with tons of humidity — and they are urging people to stay out of the intense heat unless they need to be out. So, I’ll wait until 9ish to get my run in. I don’t particularly like to run after dinner, but in the interest of keeping safe, that’s what I may end up doing. I may end up going slower, but that’s ok. I’ll pick it back up on Wednesday!

If you hadn’t noticed, I also opened up a new section; tutorials. You can find a nice and easy way to download (and convert) music from imeem. You’re welcome!