The other day, my mother handed me a Neiman Marcus catalog and dog-eared a few items for me. It doesn’t matter how old I get, my mother still insists on buying dresses for me around this time of year. It started back when I was a little girl. I always had the most adorable Easter dresses available. Somehow, that never stopped! But you won’t hear me complaining!

Over the years, the type of dress I wear for Easter Sunday services has changed. Now I can wear these dresses year-round. My mom picked out a nice shirt dress for me. I like shirt dresses a lot. You really can’t go wrong with them. They are so classic and I’m all about classic pieces. (See: my love for pencil skirts)

NY and Company Shirt Dress

Coincidently, I turned off my AdMuncher program and started seeing ads on websites again. I saw an ad for NY & Company and in the picture was a really pretty shirt dress. Perfect! I clicked the link (and made someone some money. You’re welcome) and found my way to the item page for their City Style Stretch Cotton Shirtdress. And just like Express and the high-waist pencil skirt situation, my eyes were treated to a number of bright and fun colors! Thanks, NY & Company!

Shirt Dress color selection

I approve!

A few years ago I bought a black shirt dress from H&M that I love. I’d love to add another one or two to my collection. And unlike Neiman’s, NY & Company sends me promo codes and coupons. I could get a good deal on this sucka!