More pimpage for Welsh singer Duffy. I love her music and she’s so cute that I wish I could fold her up, put her in my pocket, and take her home. Lucky for her that I won’t get the chance.

She going to be doing some US dates this summer, with the closest to me being Lollapalooza in Chi-Town. I would consider driving there to see her, but not braving the Lollapalooza crowds. No spank you.

So, Duffy, I’m going to need you to do your own headlining club tour or something, kthx.

For the rest of you who may enjoy Duffy’s music, she will be performing on Leno Thursday. She’s already graced that stage, back in late April, but is scheduled for an encore this week. I guess it’s not a repeat or else it would be listed as one. I wonder what she’s going to perform…new single? Yay! Meanwhile, her Ellen Degeneres performance from May 16th will re-air on Wednesday. Friday, Duffy will perform live on MTV’s new show FN MTV; a show where they actually show music videos and other topics directly related to music. I know, I know. I’m shocked too!

And because I forgot to upload it, here’s her TRL appearance from last month. Enjoy!