He needs a large helping of it to go along with all that whine he served up the other day.

I’ve been meaning to write about this, but I’ve been busy with Easter, lost iPhone photos, and tax preparation. You know, life.

The Boston Celtics seemed to have forgotten to board the plane to C-Town in order to play the Cavs on Easter Sunday. I mean that’s the only explanation I can think of for them getting destroyed the way they did. The Cavs beat down the defending NBA Champs 107-76. Yes, that score is correct. The Cavs won by 31 points. And, as is the case whenever the Cavs are up big, King James takes a seat on the bench, and provides entertainment for the crowd and cheerleading support for his teammates.

Fun Times in C-Town

Fun Times in C-Town

I’ve never seen a player have that much fun on the bench! I have noticed that LeBron has been like this all season when the Cavs are up big. These are the spoils when your team is doing well. He’s an animated guy that enjoys his job. He always puts on a show for the home crowd and they love him for that.

However, Celtics player Ray Allen took exception to the antics of LBJ and the Cavs bench on Sunday. He complained to the media after the game:

“I’m always going to remember that. If I beat a team, as happy as I may be in victory, I’m always going to stay humble and always remember that there’s another day. We play each other too much. Those are great motivational thoughts for me.”

Really Ray? Please STFD and STFU. Who are you to tell the Cavs how they should act? If the roles were reversed, I’m not so certain you and your teammates wouldn’t be acting the fool on the bench. And maybe if y’all had played like the champions that you are, none of this would have happened. If you have a problem with how the other team acts on their bench, and in their house, why not try playing a little ball and shut them up? Bitching to the media is weak sauce. LeBron agrees:

“We’re not trying to disrespect any team or show up any team. We’re all professionals. If you take it as disrespectful, then you got to do something about it.”

And to drive my point home, I’ll quote one of my all-time favorite movies, Friday.

“Remember it! Write it down! Take a picture! I don’t give a f*ck!”

So, yea. Go ahead and “remember that”, Ray. Maybe the next time y’all play the Cavs, your team will remember how to play defense and shoot baskets. You know, the fundamentals that help you win games.

FWIW, I think the Celtics will once again be the team from the Eastern Conference that makes it to the NBA Finals. Once KG gets back and is healthy, they’ll be back to form. But this time, I think the Lakers take the title. So, I didn’t write this post because I don’t like the Celtics. I wrote this because I can’t stand grown men who are crybabies.