'Time to get extreme, baby!'

'Time to get extreme, baby!'

Week 11 of my ChaLEAN Extreme challenge is in the books! I can’t believe I only officially have one week left! When I started the first week I thought, “wow, it’s going to be a long 3 months!” But the thing is, it hasn’t! Having a set schedule of workouts with the variety that ChaLEAN Extreme brings has been refreshing. And my time doing the program has flown by!

I’m not sure this update will be a lengthy one. Just a short progress report because I know what I’m going to get with these workouts now, and it’s easy to see where I’ve improved, what still needs work, as well as the visible results (which are always encouraging!). Oh who am I kidding? These are always long! Read on for more!

So, I’ll start with some general thoughts. This Phase is still super tough, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! For real. When workouts stop being a challenge, I don’t see results, and I also don’t have as great a sense of accomplishment when I finish. Every week, I almost have to force myself to do Lean Intervals and Fat Burn Challenge. I’m just never in the mood. But Chalene says, at the beginning of each workout, to give her a few minutes, and she’ll give me that energy and extra push. And so far, she has delivered! 10 minutes in, I’m all about it and giving it my all, just as if I was pumped beforehand. Then, before I know it, the workout is almost over! It flies by, even if it is tough!

I’m not big scale person. I don’t think I’ve weighed myself in over a month. That number isn’t important to me because that’s not why I’m doing ChaLEAN Extreme. I’m looking to feel better, improve my cardiovascular fitness, tone up, and just feel good about myself. In Fat Burn Challenge, Chalene talks about my exact situation. She talks about how not all skinny people are in shape. And that not everyone’s fitness goals include losing weight. She said for some, it’s about being in the best shape of their lives. I felt like she was speaking directly to me with that bit. That is exactly why I’m doing this. It was something new that I thought would be challenging and keep me excited about working out. The winter months are the hardest for me to stay motivated through. I also wanted a little somepin’ somepin’ that would help me with my abs and stomach (purely vanity here). It’s worked. And I have not missed a single workout since I started ChaLEAN Extreme on February 2nd!

So, instead of stepping on a scale, or getting out a measurement tape, I tried on my swimsuits. Oh yes I did. And I love the way I look in them! I noticed yesterday, before I started Fat Burn Challenge, that I can see definition in my abs through my sports bra/tank. I was pulling my hair back and putting in bobby pins and noticed the outline. I put my arms down and marveled. I mean, it’s nothing ridiculous, but as I breathed I could really see my abs through my shirt. Amazing!

I spent most of Friday at Wittenberg University, where my mom works. She was being honored for her upcoming retirement and my dad, brother, and I showed up to surprise her. Later that night, her department had a dinner for her at the local Marriott. A sorority formal was also going on at the hotel that night, in a bordering banquet hall. Towards the end of the night, a few of us went to the restroom and ran into several inebriated co-eds. They were friendly (who isn’t after having access to an open bar) and were chatting up some of the language department profs that I went to the restroom with. When I came out, one girl in particular said, and I quote, “WOW! Are YOU a professor too?!?!” We all started laughing! Then she continued, “No, I’m serious! You’re so pretty!!” As if to say professors can’t be attractive? lol. Anyway, I identified myself and who my mother was, and the girl ended up being a former student of my mom’s. She said she was “obsessed with her”. Funny!

So, we asked if she wanted to say hello — knowing it would provide many LOLZ — and she came along. On our way back, we walked towards the door of the formal and it was funny to see all the boys turn around and try to figure out who we all were, especially since we had one of the sorority members with us. All in all, it was a nice compliment, even if the girl was hammered. I remembering alcohol serving as a bit of a “truth serum” for me. So, she really could have meant what she said! It doesn’t matter though. I felt hot that night. I wore a nice black/white color block dress with a red high-waisted belt. Then I added my red patent pumps to match the belt. Love it!

It’s things like that that make me feel good these days. When I put on an outfit that I love and feel sexy in. It’s nice others notice, but I feel great, and that’s what matters!

I did my Friday workout first thing when I woke up, since I knew I’d be out of town all day. I really liked that scheduling. I wasn’t tired the rest of the day or anything, and I felt really accomplished. I think I want to start doing my workouts when I get up each day. The real reason I don’t is I’m afraid I won’t have the energy to sustain a hard strength training workout. The problem comes from the fact that initially I’m not hungry when I wake up each day. I don’t get hungry for about 2-3 hours after I’m up and about. I hate forcing food down my throat, so I then end up waiting hours until I get hungry, and then a little longer so I don’t workout on a full stomach. Such an ordeal!

However, when I tried a workout first thing Friday, I did not have any issues with a lack of energy. I was just fine. For this last week (I am still going to do 2 extra weeks) I think I’m going to try the earlier workout and see how I feel. I’ll sneak in a handful of almonds, a banana, or a Yoplait yogurt beforehand, though. Saturday will probably be a challenge because I’ll be tailgating and up to no good at the Ohio State Spring Game all morning/afternoon/evening? lol

As for specific exercises, all the push-up work is still hard. I’m pretty sure it will always be for me, but that’s ok! I do manage to add more “real” reps every week. Chalene just packs so many into each circuit, that I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to do them all. That will serve as a super longterm goal for me. Maybe the next time I do ChaLEAN Extreme? I’m guessing that I’ll probably do round two in the fall after I do my first round of P90x. I’m 99% convinced that that will be my next fitness challenge.

The other move that is hard for me is the climbers in the Get Lean Intervals workout. As is the case with push-ups, any time I need to balance in plank position is really hard for me. My wrists are tiny little things and they are always yelling at me during those moves!

In all, I think I only upped my weight load in a couple of exercises this week. But instead of failing at 9 or 10 reps, I pushed myself to do 12. It wasn’t an easy 12 reps either. Definitely a struggle, but I can do the moves much better than in previous weeks.

I feel really good about all the progress I have and continue to make doing ChaLEAN Extreme. I still haven’t snuck in any Couch to 5k training yet, but I’m trying! Friday was going to be the day, but I was busy and out of town. And tomorrow it’s going to be raining…again. I’ll get there! The Komen race is next month, and I really want to participate this year!