It’s not the reason you think. Trust me!

If you are a Firefox user, open it up and hit CTRL+O. Then open up IE and do the same. The difference in how each of those shortcuts works is why I don’t use Firefox.

When I worked at the Ohio State University Hospital, I was let in on this keyboard shortcut to visit websites. I became hooked and haven’t looked back! That was 6 years ago.

It’s so much easier to get to my bookmarks using that method. I visit the Oh No They Didn’t! blog on LJ a lot. I gave it the bookmark “ontd”. When I open up that broswer shortcut and start to type in ontd, press enter, and it takes me there!

Firefox unveiled their new version 3.0 today. I wonder if anything’s changed. I’ll have to check it out. I’m not holding my breath, though. I do have Firefox installed on my computer, but only to test how my work looks on other browsers. From some of the reviews I’ve read, I don’t think I’ll be making the switch on a permanent basis.

Being on the comp as often as I am — I’m a web designer — I’ve fallen into a routine. Firefox gives me the same prompt, but actually wants me to open a file, not a website. I can’t get down with that, so that is the only reason I haven’t migrated. I’m a creature of habit. So until they fix that, I will stick with IE and use AdMuncher to keep my browsing safe.