My mother and I have a mother-daughter crush on Brian Robiskie. She says that if he weren’t so young, she’d have “picked him” for me. You have to understand my mother. She does this sometimes. It’s our own little inside joke. Well, maybe not so ‘inside’ anymore, since I just shared it, but you get the point! The last person she chose for me was also an athlete: Derek Fisher of the LA Lakers. And before him has been Heisman winner Eddie George, and another former Buckeye Jimmy Jackson, whom I still have a picture of up on my wall. True story! I can’t say I’ve argued with any of her choices. My mom knows me well and what my “type” is. Very nice, intelligent, athletic, and cute. We’re on the same wavelength there.

It’s all for not, anyway because I’m destined to be a “cat lady” with no man, no kids, and no life. I know that is my destiny, and I’m not going to upset the planets, ‘nawmean?

Anyway, my mom and I do disagree on something: the city of Cleveland. My uncle (her brother) played pro ball up there, for the Cavs back in the day. The team traded him (which he did not want), and when he returned with his new team, the fans booed him mercilessly. I know that is commonplace in pro sports, but that didn’t matter to my mother. Ever since then, she has hated the entire city. She also refuses to root for any of their sports. So while I was happy that Brian Robiskie was drafted by the Browns, my mom was sad. She will get over it, and we shall watch Robo highlights together someday.

So below is a news conference after his first Cleveland Browns practice yesterday. He will don the #80 jersey, recently vacated by K2, just like he did here at Ohio State. Good luck, Brian!