I wrote a favorable and hopeful post on GroceryIQ a few weeks ago. I was encouraged by the update provided on the product page in the app store. To refresh everyone’s memories, here is what it said:

3/24/09 UPDATE! – Version 1.5 has been submitted to Apple, with support for multiple stores, pricing, and more!

March 24th, eh? Well, it’s May 3rd now and that phantom update has not seen the light of day. I, like many other users who have returned to the store to write a review, have come to the conclusion that the Coupons.com deal was the kiss of death for what once was a promising and outstanding app. It’s a shame, really. The app’s creators really did seem dedicated and responsive to user feedback and requests, pre-Coupons.com buyout.

We all know that sometimes it takes Apple a while to release new updates to the app store (or reject them), but the fact that it’s been 5 weeks — with no action either way — simply tells me that the Coupons.com people are blowing smoke up our asses. I’m moving on now.

Previously, I had purchased a second grocery/shopping app created by Sophiestication called “Groceries”. I liked the multiple list functionality, but I missed being able to rearrange the aisles to match the layout of my stores. That’s the one thing GroceryIQ had that I absolutely adored. I also like the notification badge on the app icon that lets you know how many items are on your list. It’s not a necessity, but I kind of liked it.

So, Sophia’s Groceries app has been updated a couple of times, but aisle customization isn’t one of the features added. Bummer, because it’s a very beautifully put together app.

This has led me to keep looking for that “perfect” Shopping app. I’m going to try yet another one: Shopper. It has all the functionality that I’m looking for, great reviews in the app store, and a fair price. I’m going to try it out.

Of course you all realize that, with my luck, purchasing a new app means that the phantom GroceryIQ update will finally be released to the Apple store. Such is my luck! Oh well!