I’m quite glad I didn’t pull the trigger on buying that 3rd grocery shopping iPhone app. And that’s not because GroceryIQ’s phantom update finally showed up. It’s because Sophiestication Software just brought the heat by releasing a major update to her fantastic Groceries app that covered all the issues I had with her app. And no, there weren’t that many issues. Just one, really.

I wanted to be able to rearrange aisles and now I can. There’s also an option to show the notification badge. There were even more improvements in this new update that you can see in the app store screencap I took. I’m very impressed!

Other neat improvements include sharing and re-importing lists via email as well as a template-like system to help create lists quickly. It looks like a lot of thought was put into this release and I can’t wait to play with it!

And just think, she debuted the app in March with a ton of initial features that were great. For her to already have applied so many improvements is great. And it only took a little over a month. Someone over at Coupons.com ought to be taking notes.

Groceries is on sale for $.99 in celebration of the new 2.0 version’s release. Get it now! You’re getting a great deal on a great app that you will not have to worry about being abandoned. It will continue to be improved and developed. Sophia is among the best in the business.