It's pretty. It's oh so pretty!

It's pretty. It's oh so pretty!

Last night, the new version of Twitterrific hit the app store. The reason I knew was that it was a top trend on Twitter right as I was heading to bed. That doomed me, of course, because I spent the next hour and a half playing with Twitterrific.

When I first got my iPhone and decided to get into Twitter, Twitterrific was the first app I downloaded. I thought it was ok. Nothing spectacular. It was free and did what it promised. But as I quickly grew addicted to Twitter, I started making other accounts to coincide with some of my other websites and blogs. At that point, Twitterrific didn’t support multiple accounts, so that was the end of my affair with the app. No hard feelings whatsoever.

My research led me to Twittelator Pro or Tweetie. After a few days of research, I purchased Tweetie and haven’t looked back…until last night!

Since Twitterland was buzzing so much about the 2.0 release, I thought I’d check it out. After all, there still is a free version (ad supported). The first thing I noticed was that Twitterrific now supports multiple accounts. That’s the reason I left in the first place. So I was encouraged by that. I didn’t initially keep the app long enough to really learn the nuances of it, but I really liked what I saw in version 2.0. I liked the themes, the ability to use multiple accounts, the Instapaper integration, optional bookmarking (which is awesome if you use the Yummy app like I do!), Safari bookmarklet, choices for picture uploads, RT options, filters, text shrinker, tap actions, and the chirping bird when new tweets are detected. That’s just a start!

But my favorite part of the revamped Twitterrific is the write tweet interface. I think it’s great! I especially love the eye/spy button on the lower right of the write window. It allows you to browse your public timeline with anything you click on being copied into your new tweet! That means if you saw a link in someone else’s tweet that you wanted to pass along, you could easily do this without having to resort to a RT and edit. I really enjoy that feature.

I also like being able to decide what happens when I single, double, and triple tap while inside the app. I have the single tap set to view the author’s info, double to “favorite” a tweet, and triple tap to show conversation. Very flexible!

The delicious integration is something I’ve been secretly hoping that Tweetie and my Feeds RSS app would bring in, but haven’t. Since I already use Yummy, being able to bookmark to from within Twitterrific is really convenient. With every other app, I have to open things up in Safari. It’s not the most horrible thing in the world, but convenience is the name of the game with the iPhone, right?

I like the nearby setting (Tweetie already has this) as well as the quick search page. You can choose keywords, people, or places and customize the search terms you want to use. When you’re done with the search you can either clear it or save it. Very nice. Tweetie also has a search feature, as well as a “go to user” prompt, but not as advanced. I’m not sure it really matters. I don’t search as often as some. The ‘Sources’ page also has all the top trends listed on it. Nice and easy to find.

There are a few of things I do not like about Twitterrific. And it may be that I just don’t know how to do these actions yet, or they’re not there. I haven’t even been playing with it a full day yet. First, I don’t like that I can’t single out any particular tweet to its own page. In Tweetie, I’ve grown accustomed to tapping on a tweet, and seeing the full tweet, when it was posted, the author’s account info, and using which application/client. If said tweet is an @reply, I can also take a peek at what the original tweet was. I’m thinking I can probably do this with the “conversation” triple tap, but I’m very set in my ways. Conversation kind of feels unnatural, you know?

Also, when you view account info in Twitterrific, you can see the numbers of who the user is following as well as how many people are following them. However, you cannot see the list. Big issue for me. I’ve found a lot of interesting people, that I end up following, simply by browsing others’ follower or following list.

Another peeve is the way Iconfactory worked Instapaper into the app. In Tweetie, you can view the tweet and choose to Instapaper it for later without actually opening said link in the internal browser. In Twitterrific, you have to open the link in the browser and then you can “save it for later”. Most twitter users do more than just post a link. They give you the title of an article or some other commentary, in addition to the link. It’s from that description that I decide if I want to save it to Instapaper. I don’t like having to open it in the internal browser — which is quite slow — and then having to save it. That’s damn near a deal breaker for me.

Aside from those two glaring issues, I really like the new Twitterrific. I feel that visually, it’s definitely superior. And by superior, I mean it’s prettier than Tweetie. I also like its write tweet/@reply/DM interface better. I think it has its moments, but it still has a couple of issues that will keep me from using it full time. Currently, it does have a spot on my iPhone home page, but for how long?