Ok, I’m back on track for now! I finished the first part of the Week 5 Couch to 5k podcast.

This week is different from the others in that every workout is different. So, I went ahead and created the Day 1 workout. After your warm-up, you’ll alternate 5 minute runs and 3 minute recoveries three times before your cool down walk.

I strayed from Hip Hop and made a bee line to Teen Pop. You know what I’m talking about. The late 90s bubblegum pop explosion headlined by Britney, Christina, NSYNC, and the Backstreet Boys. It’s fun music that I wish would make more of a comeback in this day where talentless people like Soulja Boy and D4L can enjoy chart success. *shudders*

Download the podcast from my Feedburner feed. I will create the next podcast tonight or tomorrow using the same playlist of music. I just need to record and insert the vocal cues, but that shouldn’t take long at all.