Rihanna's wild hair!Rihanna has interesting hair. She’s been rocking a variety of super short styles for quite some time now. In looking at her most recent candids, she reminded me of someone else. TMZ thinks she looks like Prince. That’s not who I was thinking of, although that post made me LOL.

The above look works for her, though. I don’t think there are many who could pull off that style, but she works it like only RiRi can!

To me, she looks like ol’ school Denise Huxtable (AKA Lisa Boney) from the Cosby Show. I was watching the episode where Denise gets her first car and that’s where I noticed the resemblance!

Rihanna swaggerjacking Denise Huxtable?

See?! Granted Denise’s hair isn’t nearly as high, but the overall look and some facial features remind me of present day Rihanna.