After Neutrogena discountined my beloved Skin Clearing Clean Tint, I was on the look out for a light and natural makeup solution for when I didn’t want to put the full face on with Bare Minerals.

I had been looking around for a while and I think I’ve finally found my replacement. The recent ads for Revlons Beyond Natural Skin Matching Makeup intrigued me. It’s not that the spot stars Jessica Alba, because I don’t really get the hype. I just thought it was cool. And yes, I know that Almay had their version of the makeup out first. The SPF included in the product is a major bonus as well.

As is custom when I want to check out new makeup, I headed over to MakeupAlley to check out the reviews.

It seems that the users who had more oily and combination skin rave about this product, far moreso than the Almay version that seems to work better for those with dryer skin. So, since oily skin = me, I decided to give it a try. And I had a nice $3 off coupon from CVS since I shop there entirely too often.

After spending 5 minutes trying to decide between the Medium-Deep (240) and Deep (250), I finally settled on Medium-Deep. Thankfully, I chose wisely. It blended well to my skin tone and looks very nice on.

We are going out for my brother’s birthday tonight, so I’ll give it an extended test run. But so far, so good!