Stay away from Yahoo! domains!I really don’t have anyone to blame but myself. I’m a sucker for a good deal. Yahoo! sometimes runs those $1.99 domain registration promos, and I usually jump all over them, and from multiple computers and accounts. (SlickDeal Nation has taught me well).

All is well and good until it comes time for the domain to be renewed. I never, ever, ever want to renew and stay at Yahoo! The plan is to take advantage of the one year reg fee of $1.99 and then move it to another registrar before I get charged the absolutely ridiculous $34.95 renewal fee. I mean, in this day in age, only charges that much. You can get a domain almost everywhere for less than $10!

The thing with Yahoo! is that they charge that renewal fee almost a month before the domain actually expires. They send you and email and let you know, just days before you’re charged, that you will indeed be charged. Those few days aren’t nearly long enough to go through the process of transferring your domain to another registrar. Or is it?

That is the experiment I will be taking on in the next few days. I got my “notice” yesterday and was informed my card would be charged Monday. I initiated a transfer to GoDaddy last night. Bought the transfer for $1.99 using a promo code I found online. Score! Then I went and unlocked the domain and retrieved the authorization code. I put all the necessary info into my GoDaddy account, and now I wait!

I did go through this a couple of months ago with a different domain. Except for that domain, I got an email alert 1 full month before my card was supposed to be charged, and not 3 days prior. I was able to send myself an email reminder via my handy dandy iPhone EmailItLater app, so I could start the transfer a week ahead of time. Smart, right? I would have done the same for this new domain, but wasn’t given the chance this time. Thanks, Yahoo! Bastards.

My big issue now is how long to wait before canceling my Yahoo plan. If I cancel it too early, I’m afraid the transfer won’t go through. But I’m not willing to wait too long, because while that domain is currently in use (no, not this one), I’m not willing to pay $35 for it. I’ll simply buy a new one and try to redirect visitors. Or maybe I can change the billing info? I don’t know. That would be shady, wouldn’t it? But then again, so is their domain renewal system and fee.

I have an add-on domain that also takes visitors to the same destination. I’ll give them that one as a head’s up just in case Yahoo! screws me over, which I’m pretty sure they will. I should let this experience be a lesson (and warning to others), but next time I see a $1.99 deal, I’ll probably bite again.

And so the vicious cycle continues.