There must be some weird stuff going on with my server, because y’all saw that I wrote a post titled “Candace Parker Tweets!” a day ago and now it’s gone and I haven’t logged into my WordPress backend since then; until now! The post is gone! Twitter Tools even sent the post announcement to Twitter for me! WTF!

Maybe it’s a conspiracy since I out-scooped the LA Times? JK,JK. I don’t know, but I’m writing it again. And hopefully my post will stay up!

I was just sharing with all my fellow CP3 fans that Candace is now on Twitter. There are 3 times as many followers now as there were when I started following her. Guess word did get out very quickly and now people are connecting with her. She seems to have picked it up very quickly, too!

I think it’s great, because without a MySpace or official website (she says it’s coming!) there was no easy way for fans to communicate with Candace. Now there is and it’s a beautiful thing!

I can’t tell you how many friends I have who still give me the “I don’t get it” comments when it comes to Twitter. It’s basically whatever you want it to be and you get out of it what you put in. So, give it a whirl!