I could be on one of these some day...The powers that be have been teasing us Ohioans with the promise of a passenger rail system, connecting the state’s 3 major cities (Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati) for a long time now. My mother talks about how the topic regularly came up 20 years ago!

I even blogged about this last year in one of my very first posts here. A little progress has been made, but not enough. I want more!

So what makes the recent discussions more plausible? Obama’s stimulus money that he has earmarked for transportation improvements. Governor Ted Strickland asked for $400 million of the $8 billion up for grabs, and I hope we get it!

There are always sporting events and/or concerts in Cincy or C-Town that I want to go to, but don’t always feel like driving too. No, it’s not a terrible drive; just 90 minutes to Cincy and 2 hours to Cleveland. But sometimes, you’d just like to ride and enjoy the trip instead of worrying about driving, getting gas, parking etc.

The proposed plan for Ohio means that once a rail system is in place, a one-way ticket to Cincinnati or Cleveland would cost me about $25. That’s what? Like half a tank of gas? Sounds good to me! And if all goes as planned, I could be headed to Cincy by train in early 2011.

So, I will try not to get my hopes up for this, but it seems like this could finally be happening for us. We need a passenger train here.

Links of interest? Ohio Rail Development Commision