If you followed my tweets earlier, you know that my two cats, Puddles and Gracie, had their yearly appointment with the vet today. If you have cats, you’re probably thinking, “yea, so what’s the big deal? We do that every year too.” Well, if it’s not a stressful event for you, consider yourself lucky. Because in my household, we need to create a military style plan to get our cats to the vet! It’s not pretty!

The cats know when they have to go to the vet. We must release some pheromones or something that tips them off because they scatter. We have to close all the doors upstairs and corner them in one room. Then Puddles starts howling as if you’re trying to kill her. My mom has to put on these ridiculously thick gloves because Puddles’ claws will be coming out to attack. And I have to stand in the doorway and act as a block to stop her, if she gets away from my mom. One time, she ran towards and knocked me over. No lie!

Something was different today, though. Puddles had no clue it was “vet day”. She was strutting around as usual, begging to be pet, and taken outside. Just another day. We’ve tried the outside thing before and she always knew what was coming, so never came outside. Not today! She came right on out! My mom put on her gloves and opened the hatch of her car. Before Puddles knew what hit her, she was in the car! Success! Gracie is always easy. She tries to hide, but isn’t very good at it. So, we can just pick her up and put her in the car.

The following video is from the car ride. It was like a chorus of cat cries the entire time!

I always sit in the back, in case I need to tend to one of the cats. Puddles tried to fit under the seat back there. Didn’t work, as you can see.

We got to the vet without incident. Then once inside, Gracie decided to let us know how unhappy she was. She cried and growled the entire time; even when no one was touching her! She buried her head in my hip and was just pissy! Meanwhile, Puddles simply looks stunned. Probably still shocked that we outsmarted her.

On the way home, Puddles lost her mind and tried to scale the front dash of the car! We thought we were going to get pulled by the police! I was standing up, from the back seat, trying to pull her off the dash so my mom could see! While this was going on, a police cruiser was right next to us! In a positive twist of fate, the cop pulled in front of us and pulled over the car directly ahead of us. *whew*

So another yearly vet trip is in the books and we only have a small scratch and headache to show for it!