Wanted: A Full CuteNews to WordPress Migration Tool


A few months ago, I stumbled upon a handly little WordPress plugin which allowed me to convert a CuteNews installation to WordPress. I tested it out on an older site I have and it worked ok. I really just wanted everything switched over and that happened. All the posts and categories were intact. That was good.

The bad part is that all the HTML was completely stripped from all the posts. EVERYTHING! If I linked to an outside article, it was gone. If I wrote a multi-paragraph update, the formatting was taken out and it appeared as one big blob of a post. Not a good look. If I embedded pictures or a thumbnail in the post, that was no longer in there either. I’ve also read that only the CN “short-story” gets transferred over, and not the full entry. That’s not good for me either. Basically, if you used CuteNews as a text-only news script, using Other-Ext-WP is perfect.

However, I have another website that uses CuteNews. I’ve had it for nearly 5 years and it provides a lot of news and media updates. Having the HTML stripped out of it is not an option. I am dying for a way to have all of that content converted over to WordPress ASAP. I’ve Googled and taken a look around the web trying to find a solution. Nothing I’ve tried has worked.

So, if anyone knows a step-by-step guide to migrate a blog from CuteNews to WordPress or a person who knows how to do this task, please, please, please let me know! I’m even willing to pay. I just don’t want to lose all my hard work or spend a ridiculous amount of time “fixing” all the posts. 5 years of work is a lot!

Someone really should develop a tool or something. I mean, they could make a killing because there are a lot of people, like me, who are desperate to switch, but just don’t want to lose all of their work!

  • anonymous

    suz how do i download the podcast from your feed burner onto my ipod?
    i'm trying to download the redone week 4 (not the mj one just the redone regular one) and it lets me play it but not download it…thanks

  • Maybe I can help you! I have a friend and he are converting my website from cutenews to wordpress.

  • Did you get any help and work out how to do this mate?

  • suzdawg

    Not really. Still holding out hope that there'll eventually be a reliable migration tool

  • suzdawg

    Not really. Still holding out hope that there'll eventually be a reliable migration tool

  • But at the end you've done!

    Please i need it! Can you help me?

  • suzdawg

    I never found one that moved the archives I needed it to move. I just made a minisite archive and left CuteNews, while starting “fresh” with a new WP install. Oh, and I didn't need it for this site, but a different project.

    Flatpress has a migration too to take you from CuteNews to Flatpress and the export to WordPress. That came the closest, but still didn't work for me because it didn't preserve my categories/post dates. Maybe it will for you!

  • vale93kotor

    Allright I'll Try!

  • I am migrating from blogger to wordpress ( and I think most of the bloggers
    eventually do this when they need more FREEdom 😉 )I have one big problem
    regarding .HTACCESS. I have read many many online helps but no one matches my
    problem statement. and I cant go though learning .HTACCESS files from the

  • Anonymous

    .htaccess is quite tricky, but I tend to let cPanel handle most of that for me.

  • Laura

    I found gConverter via twitter, this is a professional conversion service. I tried this http://gconverter.com/cutenews-to-wordpress/ and they did a really great job.

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