One of the big knocks on Apple was that they knew their 3G iPhone was capable of capturing video, but has refused to approve any apps that used this capability…until now!

It used to be that, in order to record video on an iPhone 3G, one would have to jailbreak their phone and use iPhone Video Recorder or Cycorder. I think that was the driving force behind my initial jailbreak. Shortly thereafter, though, I found many other bonuses to having a jailbroken phone.

Having said that, I’ve been having a great time with video capture since February. 3G users not willing to join the jailbreak nation have essentially been deprived until Apple finally approved the Broadcaster app earlier this week. They’re late to the party, but can at least play now!

Broadcast live to your Ustream Show from your iPhone, Nokia or Android phone with the Ustream Broadcaster Application. Easily stream live moments from your phone and share with your friends, family, fans, followers and others — and have the recording of your video afterward! Interact with your viewers during your broadcast using chat or Ustream’s Social Stream, which integrates a live feed of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and AIM messages and send status updates to Twitter and Ustream.

I’ve been checking out the Broadcaster app and, for the most part, it does what it says. Best part is that it’s free. Taking that into account, the video quality is ok. As others have noted, it does lag a little.

I like the option to save and share later, but I’m having a little trouble with that. I want to enable the option to upload to YouTube, but the app tells me to do so on the website and then restart the app. I haven’t been able to find where to do that on the Ustream site, so this review will be “To be continued…” until I can get that sorted out. (Directions would be greatly appreciated ;)) Nevermind, found it!

Here’s a video I recorded with the Broadcaster app:

Judging from the quality of the uploaded YouTube video, I might have to stick with Cycorder and/or iPhone Video Recorder as their vids look much better. Although I love the interface of the Ustream app, and the ease with which one can share/upload video, I’ll sacrifice all that for a better quality video.