I understand that professional athletes don’t get to choose what team drafts them.

I also understand that their allegiance is their alma mater and current employer. That’s how it should be.

But what I don’t understand, is why Cincinnati Bengals QB Carson Palmer thought it a was a great idea — in this digital age where word travels at the speed of light — to rail on Ohio State to an LA radio station.

So he’s tired of hearing about the Buckeyes? He’s not alone. A lot of people are. But since a large contingent of Buckeye fans are also Bengals fans and pay his damn salary, he ought to be a little more diplomatic. He can speak on his extreme support for USC without slamming the state that pays his bills. Way to alienate a great portion of your fanbase, bruh. Now granted, the Cincinnati area isn’t as pro-OSU as other parts of the state, but there’s still a significant portion of fans there.

Take Cleveland Browns Pro-Bowl WR Braylon Edwards, for instance. If there’s any school who hates Ohio State the most, it’s Michigan. As far as “Michigan Men” go, Braylon is pretty high up there. However, unlike Carson Palmer, Braylon is all class. He realizes that the great people of Ohio love what he brings to their team and wishes not to anger them. He has even been known to participate in the well-known “O-H-I-O” cheer at Browns home games. Braylon bleeds Maize & Blue, but respects Ohio. Class act.

Bottom line is this: maybe if the Bengals actually started winning some games and were relevant, people in Ohio would actually have other things to talk about other than Ohio State Football. I think he’s secretly bitter that the Bengals aren’t even in the Top 3 of most popular football teams in the state…

In any case, I’m glad I’m a Browns fan.