My aunt got me tickets to the Ohio State women’s basketball game vs. Indiana for my birthday. I brought my dad along and we watched the Lady Buckeyes beat up on the Hoosiers, 81-64.

Sammy Prahalis is by far the best women’s point guard I’ve seen. She plays like a dude, for real. So much swagger. And can’t nobody do no-look passes like this girl. She’s a breath of fresh air to the sport and one can only hope there are more like her out there!

It was the first women’s game I’ve been to in I don’t know when, as well as the first time I got to use my new super-zoom digital camera at a sporting event. I wanted to see how it does in a basketball arena before I head up to Cleveland to see LeBron v. Kobe later this week. (I think I’m still going anyway lol). I also plan on using this camera for swimming meet candids as well as when I go into Ohio State football events.

I was quite pleased with my pictures! I wasn’t far away, but I also wasn’t in the nose-bleeds either. And I came away with what I consider to be nice pictures. I had planned to take a shot with no zoom to show where my seats were, but naturally I forgot.