I’m a big fan of the TBS show My Boys. You should be too. If you’re not, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Anyway, I was figuring that we’d see new episodes next month (March), and if not then, we’d get the new season in June at the latest.


According to the official show website, My Boys is “returning this fall”.

So, let me get this straight: Tyler Perry (whom I actually like) has 2 shows on TBS right now. And every single Wednesday, whether it’s a new season or re-runs, his shows get to air. Year round. My Boys, on the other hand, only gets to air when there’s a new season. This does not please me, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

All is not lost, though. Jamie Kaler (who plays Mike on the show) has listed the Season 4 premiere date as June via his official website. I hope he’s right and not TBS.

Other peeves with how My Boys is being treated? Why are the seasons so short? They are like 9 episodes long and the most recent one aired its finale on May 26th, 2009! Then they make us wait OVER A YEAR for a new season? Whack. I’m sure I’d still complain, but maybe not as much if they got a 20 episode order like normal cable TV shows. It’s absolutely ridiculous! And couple all of that with the fact that Andy (Jim Gaffigan) isn’t coming back for Season 4, and I’m all that much more angry! Now I can’t confirm that he’s officially not coming back, but taking a look at his Twitter account, pretty much confirms he’s not with the cast. Plus he’s touring. Grrr!

Apparently production on this new season just started and you can keep up with the cast via Facebook or Twitter. They’re posting pics from the set and other entertaining nonsense.

Hurry up, guys!