It’s always such a task when I discover new lipsticks. I do my due diligence by Googling the product, and reading MakeupAlley reviews. The problem for me is that they rarely come from women of color.

Drugstore shades look different on darker skin tones than lighter ones. So, I can’t just look at reviewers’ swatches and say “hey, that looks like it’d look good on me!” I pretty much have to use the trial and error method. (Thankfully CVS has a generous return policy!)

So, what I’m going to try to do a little bit more often, is put up swatches of lipsticks I buy (whether they end up working for me or not) so that other WOC may get a little help before they head to the store.

I’ve mentioned before that I think I’m pretty close to the same shade as Gabrielle Union; except I can only wish my skin tone was a clear and perfect as hers! But I think she’s a good comparison. Medium brown. I don’t own MAC anything (except their lip-erase product), so I can’t give you my foundation number. I don’t know it! See this post for a picture of me. That or my Twitter profile.

So, I’m starting tonight with what I feel are the brown shades of Revlon’s Colorburst lipstick line. And they finally updated their website to include this product. I swatched Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Sienna on my left hand. And I had to buy Chocolate online because no stores carried it in my area. I keep finding that the darker drugstore shades are not available, forcing me to purchase online. I don’t know if it’s because the area I live in is predominantly white, but it’s kind of frustrating. Help a sista out, CVS/Target/Walgreens/etc!

Anyway, below is the first swatch, w/out camera flash. Left-to-right ==> Chocolate, Hazelnut, & Sienna


No, you’re not crazy. That pic is animated. I suggest you click on it because I have some creative transparency set on my blog 😉

And below are the swatches with a camera flash; not animated 😛

See the lip pictures, w/ no flash below. Click them, too, because the transparency fudges stuff up lol. Maybe, when I choose my next blog theme, I’ll pick one that doesn’t use that css setting?

Revlon Colorburst Chocolate

Revlon Colorburst Hazelnut

Revlon Colorburst Sienna

I bought Hazelnut as part of my initial Colorburst haul, and thought it would be too light. It ended up looking very nude-like on my lips. Gave a nice glow for really subtle days. I really, really like Hazelnut.

Sienna is similar to Chocolate, but with a little more red. Mahogany? It looks different photographed than when I look in the mirror. Does that make sense? When I looked in the mirror, my lips looked like they were almost the color of my skin. It does have warm undertones, so that could be why. I seemed to like Chocolate ‘on’ more than Sienna, but I feel the opposite now that I see the 2 shades photographed. If I’m wearing something red, I’ll probably reach for Sienna if I’m going with the subtle lip and done-up eye. If not, Chocolate. I do have red shades, if I want to make my lips the focal point. I don’t know, though. I don’t usually go for the bold lip. I always think I look like a circus clown with a bright lip. Y’all can be the judge when I swatch that set!

So, those are the browns!