Here is segment #2 in my attempt to swatch some of Revlon’s Colorburst line for women of color (WOC). If you didn’t get the backstory, please read my first post on the subject. That should get you up-to-speed, as well as allow you to see swatches in the Brown family.

Today it’s time for the Pinks/Reds. I always want to get more into reds and pinks, but I’m chicken. I truly think I’ll look like a clown and drawn unwanted attention to my mouth. I think that’s a lot of women’s fears. Perhaps I’ll get there someday!

So, I’ll start with the swatches on my hand; with and without flash. From left to right, the shades are Crimson, Raspberry, and Fuchsia. Yes, fuchsia. Revlon was running a BOGO a couple of weeks ago, and I went in to get Raspberry and one of Chocolate/Grape, but this is where I couldn’t find those shades in stores because they are the 2 darkest. So, since I was essentially getting a freebie, I thought, “why not go for Fuchsia?” It looked like a fun shade, even if I never wore it lol.

Be sure to click the pics since I have that transparency setting still in effect.

No Flash

With Flash

At first glance, that Fuchsia shade on the right looks absolutely ridiculous, right? That’s what I thought too, but I still wanted to try it on! Before putting any of these on, I guessed I would like Crimson and Raspberry a lot. Raspberry looked like a pinkish-red, while Crimson looked like a reddish-brown (more red than brown).

My opinions changed a little more after seeing these shades on. This time I took shots w/ and w/o flash.


So, I actually liked the shade on without the flash. Typical. However, with the flash on, that pink is waaaaayyy too much! That’s like some glow in the dark shit! I cannot think of a situation where I’d wear the shade like that. As, I was taking it off, I blotted off a bunch, and put some Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss over it. It gave me a muted pink that I could probably deal with, if I could get past the shock of that full lip!


I ended up liking this color the best out of all the Colorburst shades I’ve tested; even Hazelnut. And, looking at the item itself, I didn’t think I would. I get caught up, a lot, in the “if you have a warm/cool undertone, you should wear this shade” talk. I still don’t really know which is which. I thought I’d read that this was a cool-based shade. I still don’t know. What I do know is that I think it looks great on me. If I don’t want to have to deal with the whole lipgloss top coat required to wear Fuchsia, then this is my shade for any and all pink in my wardrobe. Love it! Deep pink, with a touch of red. It’s a subtle shade, and y’all know I gravitate towards those!


I had the same impressions of Crimson that I did Fuchsia. Loved it on without flash, but once I saw the flash pictures, I was a little shocked. Now, I don’t think that Crimson is a ridiculous shade, or doesn’t look good on me, because I do think it looks nice. I’m just scared to go that bold on my lips, ya know? That is really bright and red lips scare me! I was thinking that reddish-brown would be a little darker, and possibly a little more brown, based on the swatches. Wrong!

So, part of my dilemma is when to wear these. Do I put these on and assume there’s no flash photography? Is that what other people would see if I wore Fuchsia or Crimson? I wonder if these would look different outside in sunlight? I wonder who these shades look good on? I’m not sure I’m one of those fortunate souls lol.

Anyway, that’s my review for the red/pinks that I’ve purchased. No, it’s not all of them, but the really light colors probably wouldn’t look flattering on a WOC, so I didn’t feel like wasting my money!

Up next is the Plum family and my final 2 shades: Plum and Grape.