Debating the texting while driving issueThe movement for cities, here in Central Ohio, to pass text messaging bans (while driving) is gaining steam by the minute, it seems!

Text messaging, in general, while driving is bad. But, doing a lot of things (other than driving) while driving is quite hazardous. I can’t decide if I’m for or against a ban, but not because I think texting while driving is good, but because the laws proposing these bans are so vague.

How does the po-po even know if someone’s even texting to begin with? My iPhone has an iPod I use to listen to music. Is that against the rules?

What about GPS assistance? I have the TomTom app installed on my iPhone. If I’m getting directions via my phone, can a cop just assume I’m texting and ticket me?

And then there’s the actual talking on the phone. I use my iPhone’s speakerphone option allllll the time (all about being hands-free while driving!). If I’m simply touching my iPhone to call someone and press the “speaker” button, will I be assumed to be breaking the law? Where is the line?

Are lawmakers saying that texting in a car, all together, is what’s going to be banned? Or just while the car is moving? I ask, because sometimes I do text (I’m more likely to be tweeting, actually) in my car; but only in certain circumstances like when stopped at a light. Or when a freight train has traffic stopped. Situations like that. Are those scenarios included in the ban, because if they are, then I’m against a ban. If they aren’t, then full steam ahead!

I will continue to monitor the action of this legislation in the coming months. Also, I wonder if I’m the only one who has questions like this? Lawmakers need to be really specific with a law like this because the opportunity for this to be abused/exploited seems pretty high! That’s my biggest concern.