Ok, so you already seen my browns and pinks/reds posts on Revlon’s Colorburst lipstick. I have one last set of swatches for you: Purples.

Now, initially, I was only planning on doing Plum and Grape. Then I found Mauve (which probably belongs with the Pinks) in the bottom of one of my purses, so I’ll do that one now too. It was another BOGO thing, so it didn’t really cost me anything, and I’m always on the lookout for a pink that matches my skin tone.

So, let’s start with the swatches (below). From left to right, the shades are Mauve, Plum, & Grape. Grape is one of the 2 shades I had to order online because I couldn’t find them in stores. I’ve bitches about that before, so I won’t do it again right now lol.

Remember to click on the pictures for a full view…

On first glance, all shades look great. Isn’t that always the case? The Mauve looked a little light, but Plum and Grape looked like perfection. Here are the shades, again, with flash.

My opinions didn’t change after the flash. I still thought Mauve was a little light and Plum/Grape looked great.

Now, I did something a little different this time around. I mentioned, in the previous swatch post, that I had to blot and add lipgloss to the Fuchsia coating, in order to make it wearable. With Mauve (because I found the flash version of the swatch to be too light), I did the same thing, but this time I took a picture with the glossy topcoat. And I used Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Cherries In Bloom. I love the Super Lustrous glosses, but that’s a review for another day! Getting back to Mauve, I liked the shade with no flash and was damn near horrified seeing it w/ flash. It was right up there with Fuchsia in terms of looking like a hot mess! But, after a little blotting and topping with gloss, I found the shade wearable. So, perhaps this is a lesson for me to learn. “Don’t freak out, Suz. Blot, and add a topcoat of lipgloss. It will be all right. I promise” – that should be my new mantra!

Moving onto Plum. Love, love, love Plum. It was the very first shade I bought because no makeup company has ever led me astray with a Plum titled product. They’ve allllll worked for my skin tone, with no exceptions! So, that was an easy 1st purchase. I think I’ve ended up wearing this shade more than the others, just because it’s so wearable w/out any extra work.

Last, but certainly not least, I take a look at Grape. After all the work required to get my hands on this shade, I’d be very disappointed if it didn’t work. Luckily, that was an issue! The first time I wore this, I did the gloss topcoat, but not because the color was too bold. I did it because I felt it would make the color last longer, and I think it did. (I wore it to a basketball game). I think this would be my staple purple shade. I don’t have as much purple, in my wardrobe as I used to, but I think this could work for blues as well. I always wonder what shade would go best with Blue. Still don’t know, but I think I’ve been wearing neutral lips or browns with blue. I know I could do some red, but y’all know how scurrrred I am of reds.

So, those are my reviews and swatches of the Revlon Colorburst lipsticks I own. After thoroughly testing these out, my favorite shades are (in no particular order) Plum, Raspberry, Grape, Hazelnut, & Chocolate. That’s not to say I don’t like the others, though! I can probably find a situation where I’d wear all of the except Fuchsia and Mauve. Maybe someday I’ll be able to find that flattering light Pink shade. Not holding my breath, though!