World Famous Pig Run 5k

The 2010 version of the World Famous Pig Run 5k at the Columbus Jazz & Ribfest is next Saturday, July 24th. It looks promising and let me tell you why: it starts at 7PM.

I know a lot of people wake up and run first thing in the morning. Good for y’all! I don’t roll like that, though. I run at night. 8AM 5K races will be run as a last resort, and only when there are no options for later races. My body simply does not function properly in the AM hours.

I usually like to decide on a race and then give myself a couple of weeks of fine tuning to get ready. This one would give me maybe 1 or 2 more trial runs (Sun/Tues or Mon/Wed), then I’d need to rest the legs ahead of race day. I’ll sleep on it. If I can’t do this race, it might be another month before another evening one shows up…