Which is a pity, given the quality of the program!

The networks are beginning to announce full-season pickups for the new fall freshman programs. There have even been a few casualties in Lone Star, Outlaw and My Generation.

Immediately after the 1st episode of Undercovers aired, I voiced my concern that the budget costs would probably need to be offset by high ratings. Well, the show isn’t getting that support, and as a result, we’re not hearing much about the show; good or bad. It hasn’t been picked up for a full season, and many fans are fearing the worst.

Check out this scoop from Michael Ausiello of EW:

Back nine seems like an iffy proposition right now given the show’s low ratings. Personally, I hope it rebounds. I find the two leads immensely appealing. I’m also excited to hear that the show will be sprinkling in a little mythology in the coming weeks. “We’re building to the reveal of why these two were really called back to the agency,” explains exec producer Josh Reims. “And along the way, we get hints about some secret CIA programs, people who aren’t who they say they are, and some facts about Samantha and Steven’s history that turn out not to be exactly what they thought.”

The show was probably doomed anyway, given the fact that I really like it. Kiss of death.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed!