Just last week, I was writing about how NBC had started ordering full-season pickups for some of its shows, but not others. My concern was that a show that I’ve grown attached to, Undercovers, wasn’t on those early approval lists.

Some good news comes from, once again, Michael Ausiello.

NBC has given a full-season pickup to rookie action drama Chase. Additionally, the net has ordered four more Undercovers scripts. Undercovers, meanwhile, continues to struggle on Wednesdays at 8. NBC, however, is happy with the show creatively—as well it should be.

Now my optimism is tempered a little because 4 more episodes is not a full-season pickup, but it’s better than nothing, right? And that NBC is “happy” definitely helps. *crosses fingers*

The plots are getting better, even though it’s taking a while for us to get back stories on the characters. I hope more people start to tune in with me because it would be a travesty for this show to get cancelled. You know black folk regularly don’t get lead roles in major network prime time TV shows.