I haven’t been to a concert since February. It’s been a pretty lean year by my standards that’s included little shopping, travelling, and concert-going. Those things are my life force, so it’s been rough.

The last concert I went to featured the wonderful Josh Kelley when he rolled through town this winter. He always puts on a great show. I also smuggled in my DSLR and got some decent shots. I love that!

So who am I going to see? Drumroll, please!


I haven’t seen Nessa in quite some time, so I welcomed the opportunity and I only have to travel 90 minutes south for it next week. I’ve been a VC fan since “A Thousand Miles”. Her upbringing mirrored mine with the piano and ballet lessons, so I always felt a connection. I love her new album Heroes & Thieves, and if you haven’t bought it, SHAME ON YOU!

I wonder if I’ll be able to sneak in my new lens, Bessie…