When I kicked off my “fit into my pants again” fitness plan, the first step was a familiar one: Turbo Jam. After I abandoned The Firm workouts for good, Turbo Jam was where I turned. I love, love, loved Chalene Johnson, the fun & dance-y aspect of the workouts, and the overall intense aspect of it. That’s what I missed from The Firm. I would sweat, and some tapes would be tough, but I was never really out of breath or completely spent. Turbo Jam took the workout intensity to another level and I actually saw results.

So, my plan for March was 100% Turbo Jam. For the 1st two weeks, since I’d been idle since September, my schedule included doing a workout every other day. And I wanted those workouts to be about half an hour or so. There was no way I was going to jump back into workout and start with the 45+ minute workouts. Not unless I wanted to kill myself lol.

After 2 weeks, I graduated to doing a workout Monday though Friday, but still keeping with the shorter workouts like the 20 minute workout, Fat Blaster, Cardio Party Live etc. (repeats were ok). For the final week of March, I worked in a slightly longer workout like any of the Cardio Parties.

As the calendar flipped to April, I felt I had a nice cardio base built up, plus I noticed I had a lot more energy! I think the thing I love most about working out is the energy/mood boost, so it was nice to see it come back!

Early April’s schedule included working more and more longer Turbo Jam workouts into my week & extending them to include Saturday (with Sunday still my off day). I was dropping pounds, but wasn’t aware of how much because of a wonky scale I had purchased years back. It kept telling me that I weight 145, which I probably never did. (For fun, I just now weighed myself on it and it still said I was 145. I’m not. The new digital scale we bought in June says I’m 126. So, it was broken then too.)

But I wasn’t focused on the scale and I’m still not. I wanted to wear my fave jeans again! That’s really what this was all about! Trying them on, I could tell that I was “re-shaping” and making progress. Very encouraged! That’s very important if you’re on your own weight loss journey. Don’t be a slave to the scale. Check how you feel and how your clothes are fitting too. It helps keeps things in perspective while also taking note of your progress.

So, with Phase 1 completed, I sat down to map out my next step: another round of ChaLEAN Extreme as I continued w/ the extra cardio of Turbo Jam. I’ll tell you about that in Part 3 of my 2010 Fitness Journey.