The story goes that YouTube is chock full of testimonials from Beachbody coaches who have succeeded or well on the way to success. They share their stories and tips, and it’s a great motivational tool! Try and watch their vids and not get pumped up! I dare you! But what about the new (or soon to be new) Beachbody coaches who are actually going through the process right now? I didn’t see that point of view on YouTube, and thought it might prove to be an invaluable and comforting resource for future noobs. I know I’d feel a little bit better about the process if I saw this type of video on YouTube right now as I begin to navigate the coaching waters. So, I took it upon myself to start vlogging. I don’t usually do it, but this business is all about helping people, is it not? I want to help the future Diamond Star coaches of tomorrow!

So, below is my introduction where I explain, in a little more detail, what I plan to do with my videos. You’ll also get your first look at my personality. I know I’m goofy on here, but I’m faaaaar more animated in person. You’ll see as I continue to record and document my Beachbody journey!

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