Stop me if you’ve heard this before…

Big fast food chain realizes that they can’t keep up McDonald’s fries, changes their recipe, fries end up worse than ever, said restaurant fades into French Fry obscurity.

If you’re old enough, you’ve already seen this story play out before. The fast food chain referenced above was Burger King back in the 90s. I’m not alone in thinking their fries still suck, right?

Anyway, the news from today was that Wendy’s (based out of Columbus, OH — SHOUTOUT!) is changing things up to try and attract the “foodie” crowd.

What exactly are they going to do? Well, let me tell ya.

First of all, they are going to start using Sea Salt. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m a big sea salt fan. IMO, this is a very good move eve though sea salt isn’t necessarily any better for you than regular salt. Next, using Russett potatoes, the new thinner, smaller, and crispier fries will be cooked in a blend of vegetable oils. They’ll also have some of the skin left on. Doesn’t it sound like fair/carnival french fries? In my experience, those are always pretty good!

I know a lot of people will think “So, what?! They’re fast food french fries! They’re bad for you!” Yea, maybe so, if you plan on having a serving every single day! I’ve said it before that I’m a big believer in the school of moderation. If you like french fries, then have french fries; just keep it under control! I have fast food probably once per week and leave it at that. I think I eat well enough, the rest of the week, that 1 enjoyably greasy & salty meal per week doesn’t derail any of my fitness goals. It hasn’t yet! And actually, combined with my TurboFire workout regimen, I’m still losing weight. How ya like me now?! lol

I think I’ll give these a shot, but only on those occasions when I was going to be eating Wendy’s anyway. Winter’s coming, and I love a nice cup of Wendy’s chilli now and then! Don’t sleep on their baked potatoes either! Damn, is anyone else hungry now?

Anyway, what is everyone’s thoughts on the *new* Wendy’s fries? Are any of you going to try them?