Here’s the second video I recorded in my journey as a Beachbody coach trying to create and establish my own business. It’s all about the routine I set after I dedicated myself to this opportunity and how I manage my time. My routine is ever-evolving (due to how easily distracted I am!) but I like how I’ve broken things down thus far.

Keys to my time management and productivity? My iPhone note taking app, Hootsuite, and my to-do app. All tools I can access from my desktop or my iPhone.

Check out my video and let me know your thoughts!

I’m really interested in others who are going through the same experiences as me as new Beachbody coaches. Or, if you’d like to join me, and try to help others get in shape and feel good about themselves, that would be great too!

Did you miss my first video: Check out that post here! I basically explain my reasoning behind taking my Beachbody journey to YouTube. Putting myself out there is kind of scary, but I think it’ll help future coaches to see someone’s experiences as they go through it and not after they’ve already achieved success.