I’m back with another video, as I continue the path in establishing my own Beachbody coaching business. It’s still slow going, but I’m beginning to find my way. The real obstacle is figuring out a non-pushy way to introduce the business to people you think would be perfect to join you, after you first identify them.

My brother just referred to me as a “drug pusher”, which made me laugh, but at the same thing, is it really a bad thing? I’m addicted to working out & Shakeology! I’m trying to find other people that I think feel the same way as me. If others love working out, and want to make $$ encouraging others to do so, what’s the harm in that? So, darn right I’ll talk to them about it! But it wouldn’t be the only thing I talk about. That’s not my style! I’m not going to be “that coach”!

But, keep in mind, this business is all about network marketing. The first steps you take will probably be courtesy of people you already know. I’ve found this to be especially true as the 1st coach I signed was my best friend! So, as this journey unfolds, I will continue to share videos as everything happens. I think it’s more genuine & raw this way.

So, watch my video about figuring out my “style” with regards to growing my business. This was my 1st time using a webcam, and I didn’t rehearse LOL. Enjoy!