Yes, it’s finally happened!

Previously, I was recording my YouTube videos using a Fujifilm Finepix S2100. It shoots HD video, but I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, so I made the decision to get a webcam.

I stayed up entirely too late Wednesday night researching and, after spotting a super sale at Staples, decided to narrow my list to the Logitech HD C310 or the Microsoft LifeCam HD 6000. The sales guy said they were pretty comparable, but the Logitech was on sale for half off retail (most places had it around $50ish, but also some prices as low as $30), so I jumped on it for the wonderful price of $24. The reviews were pretty good online from what I read.

Using this webcam was easy. Plugged into USB and my Windows 7 64-bit computer detected it and automatically installed drivers.

I didn’t install the accompanying software (yet), but instead used my Camtasia studio to produce my first video. Audio seemed a little off, and it recorded the initial file to wmv format. Not a fan, but will experiment with future vids.

For now, I couldn’t recommend this webcam any more. Knowing I got a killer deal always helps as well!

Find out more about this webcam here.

And watch my first-run below…

ETA: Upon further review (I just love saying that, don’t you?), I really, really, really think I’m going to like this webcam. I used Camtasia for the 1st run and the result was that it was easy, but the quality suffered. I installed the Logitech software that came with camera yesterday, and found it just as easy. And the quality of the recording was much better! I like Camtasia for the effects and editing capabilities, so I’ll probably end up importing my HD video & producing it there. All good! Can’t wait to get more stuff up!