I’ve been doing my due diligence on this e-reader thing since asking for your input on which product I should get: iPad, Kindle, or Nook/Nook Color. After reviewing everyone’s suggestions on here, Twitter, & Facebook, I had pretty much convinced myself that Nook Color was the way to go.

But that didn’t really last long!

After breaking down what I’d be using the device for, I’ve officially ruled out the iPad. Like a friend said, it’s pretty much a large iPhone. I have an iPhone and I absolutely love it. I don’t need a larger version when all I’m really looking to do is read, plus a few extras. I don’t play games, so a larger screen for that isn’t necessary. So, I don’t need my full App Store collection on there. I wouldn’t use it like that. Plus I have a laptop that I don’t use unless I travel. So, iPad is out. Well, unless I win one or someone gifts it. 😉

So after that, I was leaning towards the Nook or Nook Color. The reason was because I have a bad habit of letting my magazines pile up on the floor of my room. I figured that if I could have them automatically download to my e-reader, that would be a way for me to stay on top of things.

Then, I found out that you can’t transfer your current print subscriptions to Nooks (someone correct me if I’m wrong). That gave a hit to that product. Part of me really, really, really wants to be able to read my mags on my e-reader, but the cheap part of me doesn’t want duplicate my subscriptions. Who would?! I mean, come on!

Since I am a disciple of SlickDeals.net (if you’re not, you should be!), I get a lot of my mag subscriptions through that site. Some are free, and some are offered as a multi-year deal for a steal of a price. For an example, I got a 6-yr subscription to ESPN Magazine for like $10. Insane, right?! I know damn well that there are no “deals” like that if I buy my sub through Barnes & Noble. No. Way. In. Hell. I think that might be what disappoints me most. If I have to duplicate my subscriptions, I want a freaking deal! So that’s a major con for the Nooks. I would have to budget and extra $50 or so, on top of the purchase price, in order to get my magazine reading in. I guess I could always do that later on. Something I will keep in mind.

Every single person who told me to get a Kindle raved about it. It seems most people have that and love it! That’s a bonus, especially since it’s the cheapest out of all the e-readers I’m considering. If I take the magazine reading off the list, I was thinking Kindle. That didn’t last long either!

A very helpful commenter told me that the Nook lets you check out books from your library. I think, as I get used to reading more, this will prove to be very helpful! She said it was the determining factor in choosing the Nook over the Kindle as her library was only supported by the Nook.

This might be the same situation for me as the Columbus Metropolitan Library supports Nooks (as well as others I’m not currently considering, but not the Kindle). The Kindle is not supported because is not compatible with OverDrive which uses Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection. Kindle takes a loss on this one.

The next thing I thought about was if I could read my local newspaper on my e-reader. And the Dispatch is available on both the Kindle & Nook. But then I thought, I’m so not paying for another subscription to a newspaper. It’s more likely I’d use a web browser to read it. And that led me to another feature I hadn’t really thought of in my search; internet usage.

The wi-fi only models are cheapest, but if I wanted to look something up or download something, it might be nice to give the eyes a break sometimes from my tiny iPhone screen. I don’t know if getting a 3G version was in my plans, but I’m not counting it out yet! I’m aware that the Nook Color doesn’t come in a 3G version, so that’s kind of a bummer if I eventually decide I want a 3G option. Maybe one of those versions will be released with the upcoming software upgrade. Regardless, all models have an internet browser, so that’s good!

Then I thought about the MyWi app for iPhone (Jailbroken). It allows you to connect to your phone’s 3G connection. A quick Google search informs me that as of November neither Nooks nor Kindles can connect using MyWi because it will not connect to an ad-hoc or peer to peer network. There’s a work-around for Nook Color, but it just makes my eyes cross right now because I don’t have the product and am not used to it. I’d really have to look into it. As an iPhone Jailbreaker, I’m obviously not against hacking my devices lol. So, yet another thing to consider.

I still can’t let go of the magazine thing, which would push me to a Nook Color, but it’s $100 more than the standard wi-fi Nook and the Kindle, which offers eMagazine subs. I mean, with books there aren’t pics & graphics, so no biggie having stripped down version. But I would def miss that brightness from my magazine reading. (now I’m assuming that’s what I get from regular Nook. My research didn’t lead me to many e-magazine testimonials.

I could literally go out today and get the Kindle or Nook using birthday money. But the Nook Color would have to wait another month. Decisions, decisions.

So, after all this, am I still leaning towards a Nook Color? I have no idea lol. I think what I’ve ended up doing is confusing myself further! See, this is what happens when it comes to large purchases; I over-analyze! But what I think I can say is that I’m probably going to go with Nook. Now whether it’s a Nook wi-fi, Nook 3G, or Nook Color, I can’t say. Gonna have to let this all marinate!

But please, someone tell me I’m not the only one who obsesses over purchases like this! I’m not alone, am I?