L'Oreal Le Rouge in Molten Caramel

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done any sort of makeup review on here. Well, that’s no more! I decided to pick up a tube of L’Oreal’s new Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick. I don’t usually gravitate towards L’Oreal lipcolors, but Gwen Stefani can be quite convincing! Tonight, I picked up the shade, Molten Caramel for my quick testing purposes. It seems like it would be pretty neutral on me, so that’s why I went with it instead of a shade with the words plum or raisin (even though they always work with my skintone).

Putting it on was extremely pleasant. It went on very smoothly and felt creamy; major plus! As others have noted, there’s no offending scent either. That’s not a major deal to me, but I know it’s a sticking point for others. So, if you’re wary of how other L’Oreal lip products smell, have no fear for Le Rouge does not fall into that category!

Seeing how this shade is pretty “nude” (it sort of reminded me of Revlon’s Colorburst in Sienna), I did a couple of swipes to make sure everything was even. And it was truly a nude, w/ a hint of burgundy on my lips. The one thing I did not like was that it sparkled. Glittery colors are sometimes ok, but in an everyday nude shade, I don’t particularly want it to sparkly. It’s not overbearing, but I’d rather it not be a part of this formula. Now, I don’t know if it’s like that for other shades, but it was on Molten Caramel.

After I put it on, I made sure to let is set for a few minutes, then I just went about my business. For the next hour, I was talking and just doing what I normally do. Lips still felt moisturized and the color looks fine. Then I decided it was time for a drink test! Hat tip to my can of Mountain Dew.

I expected to see some product transfer, and I saw a little, but not much at all. I was planning on taking a picture of my can, to demonstrate how much transferred, but I couldn’t really see any in the pictures I took, in order to share. I guess that’s the problem with choosing a nude shade to test? lol

I finished my Dew and could still feel the product on my lips, complete with moisture. A look in the mirror pretty much told me the same thing. Looks good!

Now, at this point, I really haven’t had this lipstick on for very long, but there’s no way I see this lasting the advertised 10 hours. Others have reviewed the product and said a better lasting time for this product would be 4-5 hours. That’s cool with me too, because honestly, I don’t wear makeup that long.

So, those are my initial thoughts! I think I might get a second shade to see how that goes with eating. Will keep you posted!