I know, I know. Pop-ups are presumed to be the devil. I’ve heard it all before.

And no, I’m not thinking about putting them on here.

I’ve been using paypopup.com, from Yes Advertising, for quite some time now and they are really annoying me lately. My earnings have plummeted and now there are a number of other issues.

Not only is their code sometimes serving virus-filled pop-up ads (BAD!), but the code also renders a browser useless for like 5-10 seconds before the ad actually turns up. I think that pisses me off more than anything else. Its the first few seconds a visitor hits up your site that you need to grab them! If they’re trying to scroll downscreen, but can’t due to a dumb pop-up code, they’re likely to just exit the browser and never come back! I can’t have that!

So if anyone else uses popups to make a little extra $$, let me know what publisher service you use. I’m hoping to make a switch soon!