Can someone please make this happen?

There are a million sweet iPhone apps; and I probably own 90% of them. They’re packed with extremely useful features that I’ve become extremely accustomed to.

It’s gotten to the point that when I open the Tumblr app, I expect to see those same features. But then become instantly disappointed, because they aren’t present in any Tumblr apps. I don’t know if it’s because the API doesn’t allow it, or simply that the really talented app devs just aren’t interested, but I wish that’d happen.

What am I really missing? There are overall Tumblr improvements I’d like to see, which would then, hopefully transfer over to any apps that are developed and/or updated.

1. Multiple account support!
And I’m not talking about secondary blogs. That feature of Tumblr pretty much fails, as it is. I’m talking about being able to easily switch from one Tumblr account to another. And from it, be able to easily view your dashboard, post, comment, search, and reblog. Telling me to logout & log back in with my other account is weaksauce. Please see the Twitter app universe for reference.

2. More social media integration!
As of now, you have the option of sending Tumblr posts to Twitter and Facebook. You can import from a variety of other social media destinations (which is cool!), but you can’t send posts to them like you can Twitter and Facebook.

I don’t think I’m explaining this very well. If I open up some of my Twitter apps, I can use them to cross-post to Facebook. Being able to see Tumblr integrated outside the Tumblr world would be nice; including in my beloved Twitter apps.

Also, is there a sharing tool you can use to make this happen? Maybe I’m just spoiled by WordPress and its vast collection of plugins. Apple says, “There’s an app for that.” and WordPress says “There’s a plugin for that.”

3. Saved searches aka tracked tags
They stay put on your desktop dashboard, but where are they in the “official” app? *crickets* I track certain keywords for a reason. I’d like to also do so while on-the-go. The search API, in general, leaves much to be desired, so this may just be a casualty of that lacking function. Twitter saves and syncs searches no matter where you access your account. I’d like to see the same from Tumblr.

4. Reblog editing
It took a while for the Twitter community to adapt to users’ desires regarding the retweet function. It wasn’t even included, initially, then the manual RT took off, followed (much later), by native RT. Twitter for iPhone AKA the Official Twitter app *eyeroll* does some lame quote thing instead of the much-adored manual ‘RT @username’ format and that is the #1 reason I do not use that app. The apps that I use give me the option of selecting the RT format I like. I’d like to see the same from Tumblr & their apps. I’d also like the option of which of my reblogs get sent to Twitter/Facebook. As of now, it automatically sends reblogs to Twitter for me. Not a fan. I want control over what posts get shared there, so this needs to be fixed ASAP!

5. Draft management
Where is it? I can see them on the web dashboard, but they’re nowhere to be found on the official app! What if I’m out & about, or *gasp* without an internet connection, and just want to jot down some notes to come back to later? I can’t. And that’s the problem. Even if I do have an internet connection, I can’t access drafts on the mobile site either. (For all its well documented faults, the WordPress mobile app gets this right). Blogpress is supposed to be able to manage drafts, but it doesn’t really. (I’ve tried)

There may even be a market for a Tumblr draft/writing app. Birdhouse for Twitter, which I bought once upon a time, is pretty much a draft management tool for Twitter & it’s done well within its niche. Something to think about.

BONUS: Push Notifications
I don’t need them, but Push Notifications could be cool. I can see why some people would want them, like if someone answers/ask a question, or if you get reblogged. Could be neat. Not sure the API supports that. Just throwing it out there too.

Now, it’s not all bad! There are a couple of iPhone friendly apps that are really great if all you want to do is view Tumblr photos or read posts from the dashboard. I bought Readlr, which is really good if you want to read/like/reblog/share posts. It bulk downloads posts locally for offline reading and supports multiple accounts and dashboards! It even has a neat feature of organizing certain tumblogs (and their posts) into groups for easy and organized reading. Think of Twitter’s list feature. Basically, the thing that would make Readlr the Holy Grail of all Tumblr apps would be if you could actually post. I know that’s not what it was made for, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

Anyway, thanks for reading my thoughts. I’m not sure if I’m alone in wanting a solid, full-featured Tumblr app, but I thought I could at least get a discussion going! If you use Tumblr, feel free to comment!