As a self-confessed Twitter app addict, I of course, jumped at the opportunity to check out a new offering. This was especially true, given the hype from beta testers as well as the reputation of the devs.

I’m talking about Tweetbot, by Tapbots, if you haven’t heard.

After opening the app & putting in my Twitter login credentials, my first impression was “damn, this is a beautifully designed app!”. It’s clear a lot of thought was put into the the UI design and I appreciate it. Previously, I thought Twitterrific was the prettiest iPhone Twitter app. No more. Tweetbot now wears the crown!

I read the MacStories review before I even downloaded the app, so I knew the little intricacies beforehand. Long read, but extremely helpful!

I’m not going to go into detail, but I will give a list of things I did & did not like about Tweetbot. At the end, I’ll tell you if it’s my HG Twitter app, which earns a spot on the dock.


  • As mentioned above, love, love, love the look of the app. Looks amazing on my iPhone 4’s retina display!
  • Being able to load any of my lists in the main timeline w/ minimal steps. I use lists like it’s my job, so having easy access to them is definitely a win.
  • I love, love, love how I can set options dependent on each account. It’s something I’ve never thought of, but really makes sense. If you wanted to use a different image/video service or readitlater account, or url shortening service, depending on which Twitter account you’re using, you can!
  • The 1-touch drawer. The official Twitter app gives you these options via a swipe, but it covers up the Tweet. The Tweetbot method does not cover anything, but simply shifts everything down a little. Nice and thoughtful touch.
  • Much like Twitterrific, I like the gesture options. Swiping both ways (does different things), double tap, & triple tap. Great for power users like myself.
  • The sounds are cute. I turn some of them off, but I love the option of having a choice in the matter.


  • No mute feature for either hashtags or users. I’ve come to depend on this, from other apps & desperately need it.
  • Twitlonger support. I need this. No questions asked. Tweetlogix’s use of this has spoiled me for all other apps. They autoexpand Twitlonger links & also allow you to post using it. NEED!
  • Quote format for RTs… *frowny face*. This was one of the main reasons I abandoned the official app. Is it really that hard to give users the option of doing a manual RT @username? I hate that quote crap!
  • There’s no autocomplete username suggestion for @replies you send. Yes, the nice little contact thing pops up, but I miss the autocomplete function found in other apps.
  • This really isn’t that important, but it’d be nice to see user account integration.
  • No, #nowplaying music feature. That’s easily fixed for jailbreakers, though.
  • No landscape mode. I don’t use landscape unless I’m watching a video, but I know others depend on it. This is fixed with yet another jailbreak tweak.

So, looking at the pros and cons, you probably think I don’t like the app that much. Not true! I love it!

But has it earned a place in my dock as the go-to Twitter app? Sadly, no. The deal breakers were the mute function, the lack of twitlonger support, and quote RT crap. I absolutely MUST have them in my HG Twitter app.

I drifted away from Twitbird Pro, to have an affair with Tweetlogix. We’re still on. But for how long? That’s up to the devs of competing apps! Have at it!