If you take a look around the internet, you’ll see 2 distinct camps, with regards to reading: a) The techies that are all about e-readers & think everyone else lives in the stone age and b) the traditionalists who look down upon e-reader crowd saying things like “I like to feel the page turns”.

It’s really unfortunate, and that’s why I absolutely adore the new Barnes & Noble Nook commercial, titled “Read Forever”!

If you prefer one reading medium over the other, that’s great! In my opinion, if one of them gets someone, who otherwise wouldn’t be reading, to read, then shouldn’t we all be celebrating that rather than engaging in a flame war?

I’m one of those e-reader people. I adore Lula Mae, my Nook Color, and I wouldn’t have read a single page from a book this year if it weren’t for her. Physically turning a page, or folding the corner over to bookmark, doesn’t mean a thing to me. I’m thankful for e-readers, because they got me to read!

I don’t look down upon those who prefer actual books. I’m just glad that when people talk about specific books or what I’m reading, I actually have an answer!

So, the B&N Nook ad provides a bit of a a Kumbaya moment, right? Even Kindle owners are co-signing in approval. And speaking of the Kindle, read on to see Amazon’s decidedly different ad approach to the battle.

Amazon is playing a much more feisty role in the flame wars with its “Kindle Friends” spot. The female is the stereotypical “I only read real books” reader, and the male is the e-reader fan who hits back at all the regular arguing points.

Watch the ad below:

Oh how very snarky of you, Amazon!

Read forever, indeed!

Note: I realize that I still haven’t given my big Nook Color review. I had one written up, & saved as a draft, but found myself adding more & more to it until I decided I should probably do a video instead. So look for that in the relatively near future!