If you were a fan of my “Gateway to 8k” podcasts, you’ve probably noticed I haven’t posted a new one recently. I hope you enjoyed the first 4 weeks, because I will not be continuing. I received correspondence from DJ Steve Boy, the owner of the Podrunner “Gateway to 8k” program, & requested it be removed from iTunes.

I didn’t know (notice?) the Podrunner Gateway to 8k program was copyrighted, but I should have done due diligence. I figured since Couch to 5k was so open and a free-for-all that it’d be the same situation with this. My fault. I’ve already apologized to DJ Steve Boy and requested the podcast be removed from iTunes. I will remove all traces from the website later tonight when I get back on my computer.

Now begs the question of “where do we go from here?” I know many had requested a 10k training program. If you can point me to one, or a different 8k plan, that isn’t copyrighted, I’d love to give it a go!

So, again, my apologies to all who had started, or were planning on starting this plan. I will fix this!