I just finished doing my 1st week 8 run and it went really well! This week, the run is 28 minutes, the longest yet!

While I was running, I felt really good. I don’t know if it was that I waited longer than usual after dinner, my awesome jams, or just my training coming together, but it was a great run! I’d like to think it was a combo of all 3 factors.

The playlist this week features 90s Hip Hop & R&B from Puff Daddy & the Family. I was thinking about how I went to this concert, back in college, and how awesome it was! I think I got high that night because everybody and their mama was smokin up in that indoor arena. Contact high, that is!

So enjoy your dose of Puffy, Biggie, Mase, 112, Total, Lil Kim, and Faith Evans! Download from Feedburner or the newly revamped podcast page. I’m so glad it’s working again!

I’m really on the lookout for a 5k race now. I’ll probably repeat Week 9 until the race I choose comes around. Pickings have been slim each time I’ve looked for one this summer.