I Want THAT Body

I’ve been doing a TurboFire/ChaLEAN Extreme hybrid workout program since I decided I wasn’t quite ready/willing to do P90x.

Part of the workout schedule includes ab work. Duh. Most of the ab workouts Chalene included in TurboFire and ChaLEAN Extreme are fine, but one of them, Abs 10, makes my neck/back hurt no matter how I modify the moves. I’m not the biggest fan of floor ab work anyway unless it’s really creative.

So, as a substitute, I reached for an old friend, Tamilee Webb’s “I Want That Body” DVD. Most know her as the “Buns of Steel” girl. It’s an oldie, but a goodie. And as I recalled, the abs track is crazy good!

I was feeling cocky, so I decided to do the the Level 2 workout of the Abs program. And it all came rushing back to me! It’s a tough, tough, tough workout and it hurt so good!

If memory serves me correctly, I got pretty good results the last time I really committed to doing it. So, I’m going to work it back into my rotation. The biggest part of my fitness regimen is the cardio. It melts all the fat, thus revealing those rockhard abs. I never really had that great cardio burn before TurboFire. It’s working some magic on my body! I’m still losing fat while gaining muscle. Love the way everything’s coming into shape! Seriously, I can’t say enough about TurboFire. Just try it. You’ll see!

But this is about Tamilee Webb’s video. It’s great! I also like the buns and arms tracks. I usually do them in addition to other DVDs instead of a full body workout. They’re quick and effective.

BONUS: Short trailer of the workout, & yes, that is the real music. I told you it was old school!