Post contributed by Leonard Phelps

My kids and I have decided to rent a place on the Outer Banks for a week and a half this year which somewhere I’ve never been even though I’ve lived in Carolina all my life. I can’t believe all the good things I hear about it from the fresh seafood to the desolation, and my daughters are just excited about getting a tan. I think I’ve got everything all ready to go in terms of the house as I recently got an alarm at or somewhere like that and we’ve gotten a new set of luggage for the whole family at Christmas. My neighbor said she’d feed the cat while we were gone and I have a black thumb anyway, so there are no plants to keep alive! I can’t wait to get away with the girls and my husband for a week or so and really just take my mind off of work. I’m sure everyone out there feels this way and I’m just fortunate my schedule allows it!

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