So I mentioned, on my Facebook page, that I was about to start making those long-promised Bridge to 10k podcasts. But as I’ve looked around for a template to follow, I’ve come to a fork in the road. So, before I proceed, I’m going to need some feedback from those who will be using these.

I’ve seen various “Bridge to 10k” or general training for one hour running which progresses simply as increasing the distance/time running each week. (Kind of like we’ve been doing the last 3 weeks of Couch to 5k)

And then I’ve seen other training plans where, after completing C25K, the training goes back to intervals as you build your base towards running an hour.

My question is: which method would you like used for my Bridge to 10k podcasts?

I’ve created a poll on my Facebook page, so please be sure to ‘Like’ it first, then give me your feedback!

Thanks everyone!